Ensure Correct Facility Maintenance Documentation

Our services provide initial set-up and continued surveillance of all of your testing, inspection, and maintenance documentation.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

Many healthcare organizations, including hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, have had to endure the long and very detailed review of their facility maintenance documentation by accreditation organizations and federal and state authorities. Facility managers, facility administrators, and nurse managers are already busy enough. How can an organization be sure that the testing, inspection, and maintenance of critical components of their facility is being performed correctly? With all of the many vendors out there performing testing, inspection, and maintenance (TIM) work, how do you know the documentation is correct and will stand up to the rigorous document review process?

Compliance One has developed a TIM program that will stand up to the rigorous review of your documentation. The goal of this program is to manage the vendors, inspection process, and the inspection documentation for you so that you can concentrate on your patients. Compliance One has partnered with BuildingReports and created an easy-to-use electronic database for all of your documents. However, we know from past experience that some surveyors and fire marshals still prefer written documentation. We will take your documentation and place it into an organized format within our specialized binders. Our experienced current and former authorities having jurisdiction (AJHs) are also available to be at your facility during the document review process. Our services provide initial set-up and continued surveillance of all of your testing, inspection, and maintenance documentation.

BuildingReports Online Compliance and Inspection Reporting Software

The leader in compliance and online inspection reporting, BuildingReports is committed to providing the most trusted fire, life safety and security compliance and inspection reporting solutions in the world.

ScanSeries® Online Inspection Reporting

ScanSeries is a suite of industry leading applications for device-specific inspection and reporting of fire and life safety and security systems. BuildingReports’ ScanSeries ensures accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented and are in compliance with regulatory standards.

BuildingReports offers inspection reporting solutions for each inspection category:

  • FireScan® allows for data collection during a fire inspection for control equipment, auxiliary functions, initiating devices, monitoring equipment and notification appliances. With the inspection reporting software, inspectors can test results against manufacturer’s sensitivity ranges with a unique smoke sensitivity database.
  • SafetyScan® enables inspectors to create detailed inspection reports for portable fire extinguishers, lighting, personal protective and safety equipment in any facility. Inspectors can also manage future maintenance and track extinguishers that are taken off site for repairs.
  • SecurityScan® gives inspectors the ability to collect inspection data for burglar and security systems, access control, CCTV and nurse call stations.
  • SprinklerScan® enables inspectors to easily test and inspect sprinkler systems and water-based fire protection systems in any environment. The inspection reporting solution also permits inspectors to create a graph to document pump flow measurements.
  • SuppressionScan® lets inspectors scan and record detailed data for the most critical hazards in any building including data for clean agent, gas detection and kitchen hood systems.
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