Real-Time Location Tracking

For many organizations, such as hospitals, managing thousands of costly, mobile equipment is both labor-intensive and challenging. The AllTraq asset managing platform uniquely combines real-time location tracking with a proven security platform.

Asset Tracking & Facility Management

The AllTraq system from American Biomedical Group allows you to track the movement and utilization of your assets in real time; easily see what you have, where it is, and where it has been. The AllTraq system has greater accuracy, density, and distance with less interference and lower cost than any other system on the market.

Small RFID tags allow the system to track assets within 6 inches. Additional sensors can be added to report back orientation, vibration, temperature, humidity, and more.

How It Works

The AllTraq system uses a unique combination of radio frequency identification tags (RFID), ultra wideband frequency (UWB) and easy to use software. The system gives you GPS-style tracking in and out of the building. It is low cost, low power, non-interfering, and jam resistant.

Tags and/or barcodes are placed on items to be tracked and sensors are placed strategically at the hospital’s discretion. The current location of any asset can be viewed on a computer or handheld device. You can view location data overlaid on your existing floor plans making it easy to locate any asset.

The software also provides completely automated and customizable reports for regulatory compliance, including TJC, employee productivity indicators and cost reduction.

Benefits of AllTraq:

  • Quickly find any piece of medical equipment in the hospital
  • Track equipment usage to the patient level to meet regulatory requirements and improve disease state management
  • Reduce costs from lost, damaged, or stolen equipment. Track medical staff and respond to security emergencies
  • Get instant alerts when equipment is moved to an unauthorized area or medical staff trigger a security emergency
  • Track and reorder medical supplies right from your case carts. View reports on supply usage and spending
  • Manage your facilities remotely from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Data encryption available


of biomedical engineers' time is spent searching for equipment

hours are spent each year by nurses searching for equipment

dollars per bed annually is wasted due to theft in hospitals

For more information on asset tracking and management, contact:
Eric Kella, EIT, CHC

Eric Kella, EIT, CHC

VP of Operations

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