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Is Your Organization Prepared For Your Annual Fire Door Inspection?

Annual fire door inspections need to include a process of review and action before the inspection is conducted.  This on-demand webinar outlines a complete process to ensure passing success.

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Code Breakers: NFPA VS. IBC/IFC

Breakthrough the various code interpretations in this 45-minute webinar, as our code experts compare NFPA, barrier management, and building codes.

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The Importance of Fire Doors

Make sure fire doors stay up to date with code regulations and are in good working order at all times. Let us walk you through fire door basics. Learn what parts make up a fire door, how they are tested, where fire doors are in a facility.

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Changes to the Emergency Preparedness Requirements

Learn about the new CMS Emergency Preparedness requirements with Brad Keyes, and how they apply to all healthcare facilities certified to receive Medicare & Medicaid reimbursements.

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Introduction to Life Safety Drawings

Have you ever wondered why Life Safety Drawings are needed, what purpose they serve, or what the main components of them are? If so, then this webinar is for you.

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