Compliance One is a company devoted to serving the needs of the hospital physical environment. Many consulting companies can provide consulting services to tell hospital facility managers where their hospital is in non-compliance with standards, codes, and laws, but what sets us apart from the pack is the fact that we work with hospital facility managers to identify deficiencies and then provide sustainable solutions to the needs of the healthcare physical environment.

We harness the expertise and experience of our associates to provide not only a sustainable solution, but to provide it through a trusted relationship. At Compliance One, it is all about solving problems together. Each and every Compliance One project is evaluated by a master fire inspector, former Joint Commission Life Safety Code specialist, architect, engineer, and a Certified Healthcare Constructor to assure that the solution is in compliance with codes and standards and the solution is sustainable.

Our team is made up of former CMS and Joint Commission Life Safety Code specialists, master fire inspectors, engineers, architects, Certified Healthcare Constructors, construction managers, electricians, temperature control specialists, police officers, software engineers, security experts, K-9 handlers and trainers, and hazardous materials and emergency preparedness experienced professionals.

By utilizing the combined knowledge and experience of our professionals, we provide emergency preparedness, survey readiness, asset tracking and management, barrier management, risk assessment, security, architectural and engineering, and construction management services to hospitals, healthcare providers, and educational facilities throughout the United States.

“From the basics of healthcare compliance to the sustainable model of integrated delivery, Compliance One can deliver what others simply cannot,” said Jim Feltch, CHC, vice president of operations at Compliance One. “Our unique blend of professionals that have experience, exposure, and passion for the healthcare industry have the credentials to provide true compliance.”

To date, Compliance One has served over 100 clients from coast to coast, including Spectrum Health, Lakeland Health Care, Boston Children’s Hospital, Rideout Health, and Gift of Life Michigan, to name a few.

“Many consultants provide a service, but at Compliance One, we provide a relationship that is built on trust, transparency, and the essentials that elevate the standards of this industry,” Feltch said.

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